DC ProTec For Photovoltaic (PV) Power Protection

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DC ProTec for Photovoltaic (PV) Power Protection:

For use in Photovoltaic Systems, this MOV-based SPD has a modular design and complies with EN 50539-11

  • Category IEC / EN: Type 1 / Type 2
  • Location of use: Photovoltaic Systems – PV module side
  • Protective element: MOV
  • Surge discharge rating: Imax = 40kA
  • ProTec PV is available in both T1 and T2 versions for DC applications up to 1500 V
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ProTec DMDR 20 DC Series:

Designed for use at sub-distribution boards, this IEC Class III/ EN Type 3 SPD protects DC power systems and is available in a variety of operating voltages.

  • Category IEC / En: Class III/Type 3
  • Location of use: Sub-distribution boards
  • Protective element: High Energy MOV + GDT
  • Surge discharge ratings: Imax up to 4kA​

Protec Series ( AC Voltage Applications )

Protec Products

ProTec industrial SPD solutions offer very good electrical protection using a variety of surge protection technologies including metal oxide varistor (MOV) and gas discharge tubes (GDT). With a wide variety of operating voltages and technology available

Common Features
  • Low residual protection level
  • Lifetime indicators
  • Redesigned thermal disconnection
  • No external back-up fuse required up to 315A
  • Vibration and shock withstand capability
  • Patented module locking mechanism
ProTec T1 Features
  • Class I+II SPDs
  • Class I+II SPDs
  • High Surge Current capability, Imax = 50kA
ProTec T2 Features
  • Class II SPDs
  • In of 20kA
  • High Surge Current capability, Imax = 50kA
Hybrid Technology Protec T1H-300 Features
  • Leakage Free Solution, Class I, Iimp = 12.5 kA, Up = 1.5 kV
  • TOV immunity
  • High Surge Current capability, Imax = 65 kA
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Strikesorb - 80,40,30 ( Mission Critical Applications)

Strikesorb (80,40,30) industrial surge suppression offers unparalleled lightning protection, protecting mission-critical applications from damage caused by lightning surges and other overvoltage events. Even in the most lightning prone environments, Strikesorb lightning surge protectors are capable of absorbing and dissipating the extreme energy of lightning strikes without degradation to the module

Common Features
  • Innovative design: direct connection, no fuses, environmentally-sealed SPD
  • Fully recognized to UL 1449 4th edition
  • Compliance to IEC 61643-11
  • 10 years limited lifetime warranty
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  • Maximum Impulse Current (10/350µs) per IEC 61643-11, 25kA
  • Maximum Surge Current (8/20µs) per NEMA LS-1, 200kA
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  • Maximum impulse current (10/350µs) per IEC 61643-11, 12.5kA
  • Maximum surge current (8/20μs) per NEMA LS-1, 140kA
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  • Impulse Discharge Current (10/350µs) per IEC 61643-11 up to 7.5kA
  • Maximum Surge Current (8/20µs) per NEMA LS-1, 60kA

RayDat Protection - Coaxial And RF Systems

RayDat Protection

RayDat surge protection for data and signal line systems provide unsurpassed electrical protection for signal power applications. These products meet the diverse requirements of industrial and other signal protection applications. RayDat products are available in a variety of operating voltages and configurations that conform to the latest industry standards and certifications.

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SLh6, Net series, PLP

RayDat SLH-4 Series is a universal Data surge protective device designed to protect two independent symmetrical data lines. RayDat NET Series is intended to protect Local Area Networks (LANS) from over-voltage surges and electrostatic discharges created by switching transients in buildings. RayDat PLP 24 protects data circuits such as 4-20mA current loops in industrial environments.

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Coaxial and RF Systems

The RayDat & RayCox solutions for Coaxial and RF system protection provide a variety of capacities depending upon the application.These include protection for analog video surveillance systems, video and cable TV, and RF antenna systems in a range of frequencies.

IEC/EN Categories: C1/C2/C3
  • Protection: Impedance Matched
  • Maximum Operating Voltage: up to 280V
  • Maximum peak power: Up to 300 W
  • Frequency Range DC: various, 40 MHz – 2.0 GHz
  • Frequency Range DC: various, 40 MHz – 2.0 GHz
  • Series Load Current: 100 mA
  • Enclosure: In-line Installation
  • Termination: BNC Connectors
  • Housing: In-line Installation and/or Shielded Enclosure
  • Compliance: IEC/EN 61643-21