Data Acquisition & consumption monitoring

Our Metering Products

Our offer of hardware and software solutions includes all the experience in the design and production of tools for measuring energy consumption and data analysis We offer consumption monitoring solutions that are able to collect, store and analyse data to understand the degree of energy efficiency of your company and the actions to be taken to improve it. With our offer for production monitoring you will be able to optimise the systems in use for the generation of energy, increasing the efficiency of your company.

Tailor made services


  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Compressed air
  • Steam
  • Thermal Energy
  • GAS

Network Analyzers

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The ideal system for

the analysis and storing of energy data a completely modular instrument to design on measurement and control needs

Main features
  • Stores up to 250 days’ worth of data
  • RS485 integrated serial port
  • Bidirectional energy measurement (imported/transferred)
  • Graphic display of voltage, current, power and cosƒ
  • Full and clear indications of measurements

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NG -9
The ideal system for

three network analysers in one instrument saving 85% on installation costs

Main features
  • 160 measures
  • Network analyser with 9 configurable channels
  • Graphic display with joystick to navigate the pages
  • Plug & play connection to lower installation costs and system downtime
  • High configuration flexibility with sensors ranging from 1 to 8000A Class 0,5 guaranteed for both analyser and sensor
  • Bidirectional energy measurement (imported/transferred)

Communication and Storage

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NG gateway
The ideal system for

collecting and storing data from measuring instruments to send it to the server for publication managing dozens of sensors through 2 integrated isolated RS485 lines

Main features
  • Collect, store and send data to the FTP server
  • Manage up to 1600 measures
  • Possibility of implementing communication driver
  • Integrated web server (datalogger version)
  • High connectivity towards the field, with Ethernet, Wi-Fi and GPRS communication
  • Instant and historical data sending via MQTT protocol for Industry 4.0 applications
  • Programmable monitoring logics and loads management

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The ideal system for

converting data flows from RS485 serial to a Wi-Fi connection freely configuring the parameters and managing the data flow

Main features
  • 160 measures
  • RS-485 /Wi-Fi transparent converter
  • Transparent conversion of RS485 data and sending to the selected port and IP address (i.e. from RTU Modbus protocol to Modbus over TCP protocol)
  • Configuration of all serial connection parameters (Bitrate, data Bit, parity, stop Bit) as well as Wi-Fi (IP, Gateway, Subnet mask, Port, SSID, Password)
  • Configuration with a page created by the web server within the instrument, that can be read from any computer and mobile devices
  • Wi-Fi connection to the user’s network or via the device’s internal access point.